Short Version:

It’s been called ‘fun and funky’ because in the songs I play, you can hear the different musical influences I’ve had over my 30 years of playing and studying the guitar. Rock, jazz, classical, funk, gospel, latin-american, reggae. It’s all there.

I’ve played all over the DC/MD/VA area and beyond. I just came off a two-year stint as the guitarist for the Chris Collat Band, where we enjoyed local success and performed in such venues as the 930 Club, IOTA Club & Cafe, The Fillmore Silver Spring, The Hard Rock Cafe in DC, The Rock and Roll Hotel, to name a few.

I’m currently performing solo acoustic shows and writing songs for a new project which I’m thrilled about.

More Than You Wanna Know:

Prior to the Chris Collat Band, I played in local area churches for a number of years, including large conferences held at the DC Convention Center. I also performed in the band for the Joyful Noise! youth choir, and toured Colorado, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, Maryland and Virginia. Playing at church was a huge influence on me, with the funky grooves and rich gospel harmonies. In the church scene, I spent time performing with El Salvadoran recording artist and producer Jaime Turish, whose South American rhythms also helped shape my sound.

Like most guitarists, I cut my teeth on Rock and Roll. I started out playing keyboard in a high school rock band, but took up guitar at age 13 to play rhythm on Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits. I ended up asking the lead player to teach me those cool leads. Mark Knopfler is still a huge influence on me to this day, and where I get my love of fingerpicking. My first guitar was a twelve-string acoustic, but I soon bought a Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty (which I still regret selling). My rock roots continued to serve me well in my college band What’s Next, but I also studied music theory and classical & jazz guitar in college.

Graduating with a music degree, I moved west to Columbus & played with a band called Quixotics. I also played with the Jenny Morgan Band for a spell, before moving back to the East Coast to give the band What’s Next another try under the name Nine Ways.

I love to play fingerstyle acoustic music, influenced by guys like Laurence Juber, Doyle Dykes, Tuck Andress, and Pete Huttlinger.

I finished my first release, Deep Waters, in 2003. Deep Waters is my first and only CD (so far). I wrote and recorded it in my basement studio over 3 years time. One of these days, I’ll get around to recording a second one. As fun as recording is, though, nothing beats the energy and thrill of performing for a fun crowd.

See you at the show!